How do I apply for a Main St. and Gopher Flat Rd. Banner? Regulations & Permit Application

Complete the one page Main St. and Gopher Flat Rd. Banner Permit Application and submit with your payment.

  • Banners will be hung by the City of Sutter Creek on the fencing at the corner of Main St. and Gopher Flat Rd. for approx. 2-3 weeks. Hanging and removal dates are approximate and subject to availability.
  • BANNERS will be no larger than 3 feet by 18 feet. We suggest that wind holes are cut every 4 feet.
  • METAL eyelets must be at least 1 inch in size, spaced every 2 feet across the top, and on all 4 corners.
  • FEE is $50.00, non-refundable, with only non-profit organizations allowed. No political advertisements permitted.
  • Checks payable to: City of Sutter Creek
  • BANNERS not meeting these requirements will be rejected. The City of Sutter Creek assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged banners.
  • PERMIT APPLICATION and fee payment to be delivered to: Sutter Creek City Hall at least one week prior to date of hanging. Hanging of banners is subject to date availability.
  • CONTACT person will be called when the banner is taken down. It MUST be picked up within 3 days and picked up at Sutter Creek City Hall.